Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why Heroes?

I once heard someone say that great people are like the first stars of the evening that appear just above the horizon, they train your eye to look just a little higher.  Many of my heroes have mighty failings.  I don't expect perfection, don't even look for it, what is it anyhow?  I read the biography of Charles Schulz that came out a few years back after reading many negative reviews of the book.  Seems some people were offended that the author wrote a detailed account of the artist's life including romantic affairs and some difficult personality issues.  My own view was that I had read the book to learn more about the greatest cartoonist of all time, a man who created the most recognizable characters of the past century.  I wasn't reading the book to learn how to marry the ideal partner and have a happy life, free from any upset.  The heroes I've listed are people who inspire me by reaching, by expanding the possibilities of humanity.  One of my songs features this chorus "Exercise your dignity, celebrate humanity, stimulate creativity and stretch your capabilities" That's a pretty good summing up of what kind of behavior catches my attention and creates a new hero.

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